About us

Learn what it means to be part of the society.

What is lifesaving?

Lifesaving sport was originally introduced to encourage lifeguards to improve the essential physical and mental skills required when saving lives in an aquatic environment. It covers the act of rescue, resuscitation and first aid.

“Lifesaving sport is possibly the most demanding multi-discipline sport that exists in the world today. Connected so closely with the noble act of lifesaving, speed lifesaving offers enjoyment, challenges and learning to all ages and abilities.” - RLSS 2006

Being a member

Although competing is a large part of the society, anyone can benefit from being a member:

  • Learn how to apply decision making processes in simulated emergencies,
  • Earn qualifications such as Bronze Level Lifesaving and NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification),
  • Participate in regular social events,
  • Attend our swimming fitness sessions.

Competitions and BULSCA

Competitive lifesaving between clubs at universities across Britain began as a small collaboration between rival clubs and quickly expanded as more clubs became involved.

The formation of BULSCA in 2002 was in response to this growing popularity. It established the university lifesaving league in the 2002/03 season in order to bring together the various university-hosted competitions.