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These are what we train for.

What are competitions?

In addition to running qualifications, we also compete in the BULSCA (British Universities Life Saving Clubs' Association) League. There are approximately 10 competitions a year all over the country, from Plymouth to Nottingham.

Going to these competitions is not only great fun in terms of the actual competing but are also followed by brilliant socials and provide an opportunity to get to know lifesavers from all over the country. There are a number of events that occur in these competitions which are outlined below. All events are done in teams of 4.

The Events

Dry SERC — In this event as a team you will have 2 minutes to assess and react to an unseen incident, usually filled with an array of different casualties, for example: an asthmatic, an unconscious casualty, a bleeding casualty, a drunk and a helpful bystander. Under direction from your captain you will have to treat as many people possible to the best of your ability.

Wet SERC — This is similar to the dry SERC although takes place in and around the water. In addition to the casualties possible in the dry you will also have to contend with problems in the water.

Rope Throw (4x12m) — Here you will have to coil a rope, throw it 12m for the next person in the team to catch and then pull them in. They will repeat this until all team mates are recovered or 2 minutes and 30 seconds have elapsed.

Swim and Tow Relay (4x100m) — Here you will swim 2 lengths front crawl. You will then pick up a casualty (your next team mate) and tow them for 2 lengths. They will then do the same thing. This is a difficult event and is generally the last event at each competition.

Medley Relay (4x50m) — Here, the first person in the team will swim 2 lengths front crawl. The second person will then swim 2 lengths wearing fins. The third person will swim 2 lengths with a torpedo buoy behind them. The third person will then hand the buoy to the fourth person who will swim 2 lengths wearing fins while towing the third person on the buoy.

Obstacles Relay (4x50m) — This involves a 50m freestyle swim which has obstacles (gates) which will usually be in the centre of the (25m) pool. You will have to swim under the obstacle twice before finishing 50m and touching the wall to set off the next team member.

Manikin Carry (4x25m) — Here you will swim a length carrying a manikin, ensuring its head stays above the water at all times. You will then hand the manikin over to the next person in your team who will do the same thing.

Club records for the speeds events